Single Bed, Private Room

From $350.00 per night

To confirm reservations we ask for a 50% deposit.

Our check-in time is 3 pm and our check-out time is 12 pm. If you need to check-in early or check-out late, there is a surcharge and it is based upon availability. Please plan your flights accordingly.




In order to provide the best experience possible for our guests, if you need to cancel your stay with us for any reason, please call us at least one month before your check-in date at (313) 505-8400 or (305) 609-1171. You must cancel within one month to receive 50% of your deposit. Additionally, no changes to your reservation within 14 days are permitted. If you choose to reschedule, you must contact us within two weeks prior to your check-in date. Again, you are encouraged to use your deposit to reschedule your stay for a later date. If you have not contacted us within the two-week timeframe to reschedule you forfeit not only your deposit but all monies paid. If your full balance is not paid within 7 days of check-in you must contact us to make payment or your reservation will be canceled and you forfeit any monies paid. If we do not receive prior notice based on our cancellation policy we will forfeit your deposit or any monies paid.


  • Check-in time 2:00 pm
  • Check-out time 12:00 pm


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