Required Forms

We have set up an easy and quick way for you to complete the paperwork necessary before your stay at Eos House of Healing & Recovery with no printing necessary! You can fill out and send the forms right here, on our website.

Surgery Information

Please update us on all the details of your upcoming surgery. This includes your procedure, procedure date, your doctor and related.

Travel Information

Please let us know your travel information, so we’re sure to greet you on time! This includes your airline, travel date, as well as your arrival and departure times.

Release & Waiver of Liability

At Eos House of Healing & Recovery, the care and recovery of our guests is our top priority. In using our service, however, you do so at your own risk. To stay with us our Release & Waiver of Liability must be electronically signed upon your arrival.

Guest Terms & Agreement

In order to have the best recovery experience, we want to ensure, that as a guest, you understand (and agree) to the understandings between you and Eos House of Healing & Recovery. Please carefully review and electronically sign before your stay with us.

Menu Selection

When it comes to meal selection, our professionally trained chef has created a menu of delicious and healthy entrees for your enjoyment. Please review your available options and select the meal plan you would like.