Why should I choose to stay at Eos House of Healing & Recovery for my post-surgical recovery?

Eos House of Healing & Recovery is the only aftercare facility that combines the best of a luxury hotel with the advantages of a modern hospital. Located within a licensed medical setting, Eos House of Healing & Recovery has the nursing expertise and resources that are not available in a hotel or Airbnb aftercare. Since opening in XXXX we have gained the experience of taking care of hundreds of patients from around the world, referred by the most prominent surgeons in Miami


What kind of nursing care will I receive? 

While staying at Eos House of Healing & Recovery, your nurse will follow your doctor’s specific and individualized protocol for all medication and treatment required following your surgery. The nursing and medical aide team will frequently check in on you to ensure that your recovery is progressing well, and that all your care and comfort needs are completely satisfied.


What items should I bring with me?

Most patients will bring comfortable clothing appropriate for recovering from surgery. Loose fitting pajamas, loungewear or sweats are a good choice, preferably with tops that zip-up or button-up, and bottoms with a draw-string or elastic waist. Be sure to bring a small bag of toiletries with a toothbrush and other basic grooming supplies. Leave perfume and most cosmetics at home as they likely will not be allowed following your surgery. Bring any medications or prescriptions that your doctor ordered for you prior to surgery. Please leave medications in their original bottles. If you routinely use medications for any pre-existing condition, please discuss this with your doctor prior to surgery. If you are to continue taking these medications during your post-surgical recovery, bring these as well, also in their original bottles.


Will there be any extra charges other than the nightly rate? 

The nightly room rate includes all routine nursing care, treatment supplies, meals, and transportation to and from your doctor’s appointments. Additional charges will apply for any medications or laboratory work, and for special medical equipment such as sequential compression devices. Additional charges also will apply for massage, manicure or pedicure, or hyperbaric oxygen therapy.


Can I stay at Eos House of Healing & Recovery the night before my surgery?

For comfort or convenience, patients may choose to stay at Eos House of Healing & Recovery the night prior to surgery as a “pre-op” patient. Dinner is included, as is transportation to your surgery the next morning. Patients arriving from out of town may find this preferable to staying at a hotel.


Can I have a guest stay with me?

We generally discourage guests from staying as it can be disruptive to your care and keep you from getting the rest you need for proper recovery. However, in special circumstances and with prior approval from Eos House of Healing & Recovery, a guest may be allowed to stay in your room or in an adjoining room. A guest charge will apply.


Can I extend my reservation?

Some patients may find that they want to extend their stay at Eos House of Healing & Recovery for a day or two beyond their reservation. We always try to accommodate extended reservations. Check with your nurse or the office manager for availability.


Can you accommodate my special dietary needs?

We will do our best to accommodate your special dietary needs or preferences. Please give us advance notice when you make your reservation. Some patients will bring special foods or supplements that we will be happy to prepare, providing they are within the dietary restrictions set by your doctor. A registered dietician is available on staff for consultation.


How will I get home from Eos House of Healing & Recovery when I am ready to leave?

On the day of discharge, we will take you directly to the airport. Check out time is noon.