Your Guide to a Beautiful Transformation


At Eos House of Consultants, we understand that making the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is a deeply personal and life-changing choice, and finding the right surgeon and clinic can be overwhelming. That’s why we founded our consultancy team to guide you every step of the way.

Find Your Best Cosmetic Surgeon with Eos House of Consultants

Eos House of Consultants is a leading consultancy team based in Miami, dedicated to guiding individuals who are interested in cosmetic surgery towards finding the best surgery clinic or doctor for their needs. Our team of experts provides personalized and comprehensive guidance to ensure that every client is informed and comfortable with their decision, and ultimately achieves their desired results. At Eos House of Consultants, we believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and beautiful, and we are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals safely and with peace of mind.

"Choosing Eos House of Consultants was the best decision I made for my cosmetic surgery journey. Their team provided personalized guidance every step of the way and helped me find the perfect clinic and doctor for my needs. Thanks to their expertise, I now feel more confident and beautiful than ever before."
Julian Peers

Phoenix, AZ
"I highly recommend Eos House of Consultants to anyone seeking guidance and support in the cosmetic surgery field. Thanks to Eos House of Consultants, I was able to find the best surgery clinic and doctor for my needs, and achieve the results I was hoping for. Thank you Eos House of Consultants for your exceptional service!"
Cali Johansen
Richmond, VA